Starry Pools – Starry Sky

The Italian company designs and manufactures scenographic lighting works for wellness and pools with optical fibers, called “starry pools” or “starry sky“.

The latest and most unique decorative lighting system for high-end pool installation consists of the distribution of fiber optic light points on the pool floor and, sometimes, on the floor and walls.

Starry skies in swimming pools require careful spatial distribution of points to give the user the illusion of floating in space; an unforgettable experience.

Starry Sky and Starry Pools installation

This specialization, born from over ten years of experience, has developed by inserting optical fibers in the various projects made of resin floors and coatings, mosaics, stones, marble, plasterboard, etc.
The optical fibers, being maintenance-free and free of electricity transport, convey and are exclusively carriers of the light beam, thus guaranteeing punctual and ambient scenographic lighting far superior to LEDs.

The project is handcrafted and built, using the best technology available on the market, making each idea unique, both from a design and a visual point of view, creating emotion, amazement and developing the customer’s dream up to the maniacal search for perfection of light and optical effects, obtaining a cutting-edge lighting design that is never the same is the first Italian company to use this lighting system in this sector, creating sets and lighting pools that, almost by magic, become “starry”.

The passion and professionalism of guarantee, in its uniqueness, a spectacular result, putting itself at your disposal, in complete collaborative symbiosis, with the Professional Firms or directly with the final Client, making themselves available for technical feasibility inspections in Italy and abroad. is synonymous with a constant presence on-site and real-time resolution of problems that could arise during the installation phase, with supervision, synergy and technical and qualified support to the installation companies of the plant engineers, making the final work to the maximum levels. unique in Italy in the design, sale and installation of optical fiber lighting architecture for starry pools and starry skies, innovative wellness centres and luminous scenographies.

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